Jordi.Koalitic is a creative photography project born from the creative mind of the brothers Jordi Puig ( @jordi.koalitic ) and Arnau Puig ( @arnaukoalitic ), two content creators who have created their own style and way of understanding photography reaching millions of people around the world.

Over a period of more than 5 years, and before his online media upbrining, Jordi worked as a Freelancer before creating his own audiovisual production company (Koalitic Visuals) with his brother Arnau. After the creation of their first Instagram account, the Puig brothers set up the foundations of their photography always considering online trends.
creative photography
Everyday objects can create images.
Impact photography
Image as a tool to impact the world around us.
Behind the scenes
Every image has the power to tell a story.
During the first years, Jordi’s main objective was to dominate the technique (light, composition, colors…) key points to achieve the most impressive image. Over the time, the need to consider the concept behind the image and to tell a story became increasingly present. After several years…

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After the creation of his Instagram profile in 2017, within two years of regular and exponential growth, in 2019 Jordi.koalitic‘s photographic style started becoming viral worldwide. Big media and creative social media accounts from around the world, give credit to this online phenomenon which has been able to break records and create a new online photographic trend. 

Nowadays, Jordi Koalitic has the 2th biggest photography account worldwide on Instagram (+5.7 million followers) being the number 1 in terms of engagement. He also has the 3th biggest TikTok Spanish account (+19,6million followers). The last viral phenomenon has been his YouTube Channel, which has accumulated more than 150 million views and more than 1,7m subscribers. 

His global audience has a middle age profile with high interest for the artistic and photographic content, with high engagement in all his social networks specially from the U.S, Europe and Asia. 

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The Koalitic brothers (Jordi Koalitic & Arnau Koalitic) visited Madrid to work with Sony Pictures & Jared Leto on the promotion of his new film "Morbius" Check the content:  

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The Koalitic brothers (Jordi Koalitic & Arnau Koalitic) visited L.A to work with the top global artist Machine Gun Kelly and create the cover of his new album "Mainstream Sell out".  Check the content:  

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The Koalitic brothers (Jordi Koalitic & Arnau Koalitic) visited the famous Aoki's Playhouse for a creative photo shoot with top global DJ Steve Aoki. Check the content:  

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